Borrow Unused Bandwidth with BeWifi

BeWifiIn all likelihood, you don’t use your home Wi-Fi to its full capacity for the entire day, and neither do your neighbors. BeWifi is a new solution by Telefonica which allows users to borrow bandwidth when it isn’t being used in order to speed up their internet connection.

Let’s say you don’t use your Wi-Fi much during the day, but you’re far more active during the evening when you settle down to watch a movie on Netflix. Next door, your neighbor doesn’t use their internet connection in the evening, so their bandwidth isn’t really doing anything at all. BeWifi proposes to allow you to piggyback off your neighbor’s Wi-Fi connection to boost your download speeds, and in return your bandwidth can be used when your internet connection isn’t active.

Telefonica has developed Wi-Fi routers specifically for use with BeWifi’s interactive network. Being a subscriber to BeWifi’s service will mean that users can pool bandwidth from any fellow BeWifi subscribers nearby, essentially creating a web of faster, more active internet connections. Users will also be able to connect to BeWifi networks via their mobile devices when they are out and about.8

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