British Company Offering $13million Data Bundle for Businesses

As a fast internet connection become more essential year by year, UK carrier EE prepares to launch a service aimed at data-driven businesses that just can’t get enough. So-called Super Bundles offering 1 petabyte worth of connectivity will soon be available to British businesses.

Just what is a petabyte? Don’t worry if you’ve never heard the term before, most of us haven’t because it’s so large that it’s hardly worth thinking about the average internet user. A petabyte (shortened to PB) is equivalent to 1 million gigabytes, and just in case you’re forgotten 1 gigabyte of data is equal to 1,024 megabytes. That’s a lot of data, equivalent to around 40 million BluRay-quality downloads, or as EE put it, 13 years of continuous HD video streaming.

This extreme internet package is aimed at businesses that will have no fixed contract period of expiring data, allowing them to flexibly manage their internet needs over a long span of time. The petabyte super bundle will set businesses back a whopping $12.86million (£8m GBP) which they may either choose to pay upfront or over time.
For all that, businesses will get an average upload speed of 24-30Mbps, though the company is reportedly also experimenting with a 300Mbps connection.

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