C Spire to Deliver Gigabit Internet to Mississippi

C-SpireBefore Google debut super high-speed internet service Fiber, a gigabit broadband connection may have seemed a little bit excessive for more users. Following the success of Fiber in its first few locations, similar gigabit internet companies are popping up all over the company to capture a new market of super-fast and demanding users. The latest company to join the market is C Spire’s Mississippi fiber network.

Using basically the same business plan as Google Fiber, C Spire intends to provide a fiber-to-home network which may one day reach across the entire state. As a provider of wireless internet in the region, C Spire already has much of the necessary fiber infrastructure in place across Mississippi.

As part of C Spire’s initial fiber internet roll out, the service will be offered in nine cities around Mississippi. The company is expected to begin building networks within its chosen cities this summer, using a business model similar to Google in order to decide which neighborhoods have the highest demand for high-speed internet.

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