C Spire to Launch 1GB Internet in Mississippi

Internet service provider C Spire has announced the nine finalist cities for the Mississippi launch of its new 1GB broadband home service.

This week C Spire announced the finalist cities, one of which will shortly become the first in the state to benefit from a 1GB internet service. During a press conference, C Spire revealed that the broadband finalists were the cities of Batesville, Clinton, Corinth, Hattiesburg, Horn Lake, McComb, Quitman, Ridgeville and Starkville. The finalists are reportedly amongst the 33 cities and counties that campaigned to be on the receiving end of C Spire’s impressive internet speeds.

Now that these nine finalist cities have been selected, pre-registration for the broadband service will commence in designated neighborhoods. Once registrations goals have been reached in a particular city, C Spire will immediately begin construction on the infrastructure required for fiber broadband connections.

Along with this announcement, C Spire also announced the pricing scheme for an internet, digital television and phone bundle service. A 1GB internet connection, which is over 100 times faster than the national download average, will be available for subscribers for $80 dollars a month as soon as any of the finalist cities reach their pre-registration quota.

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