Cable Still King in US Connection Market

Internet connections have now been adopted by over four-fifths of homes within the United States, but of the multiple types of broadband available, cable networks definitely reign supreme. According to a new survey on Broadband Media Intelligence by IHS Inc, cable internet connections have grown by a stunning 600,000 new subscriptions every quarter for 2 straight years.

At the end of the first half of 2013, broadband internet had spread to over 89.1 million homes around the US- which is to say nothing of the countless offices, schools, and businesses also using broadband connections. This adds up to a household penetration of over 70% across America, which is projected to reach as much as 71.3% by the end of the year. By 2017, internet coverage is expected to spread to an estimated 94.7 million homes across the country.

Of this growing connectivity market, cable internet makes up more than 50% of the broadband market, with growth increasing year by year. Part of cable’s growth and success amongst networks lie in the fact that it is simple and cheap to upgrade for operators who wish to offer a variety of upload and download speed packages. In the wake of cable’s more affordable prices and more reliable speeds, its direct competitor, the DSL connection, has been steadily on the decline.

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