CNET Internet Speed Test

Planning to take advantage of VOIP and other high speed net connections? CNET internet speed test is the one of the services offered by CNET to check the speed of the one’s online connection. Their bandwidth meter speed will check the bandwidth of the internet connection against the top quality DSL connection, cable modem and other broadband services. This speed test is limited to the United States and if any request is made to same server to check the connectivity speed other than United States the results many not be accurate.

Do any one aware what is a bandwidth meter? Bandwidth meter is the device that measures the capacity of the information carrier between the client system and the server system. Once the capacity of the data carrier is tested then the process is said to be initiated to check the internet speed. The process involves different phases while checking the connectivity speed. The CNET bandwidth meter will first download an image to the computer and the image size may vary from connection to connection. The file size of the image will determine the throughput of the connection speed. Once the throughput value is achieved the server will display the stats based on the connection speed and the maximum connection speed of the service provider.

The CNET Internet speed test many not provide us the accurate results because of many factors. The factors include the distance between the client and the CNET’s server, conducting other operations of server download at the time of the speed test, running many services that use the bandwidth while testing the speed, Quality of the cable we use and the environmental changes and while checking the speed connection with the use of 56kmodes, the speed of the 56k modem is regulated to 53k by the FCC. Many of the users perform this test to check the throughput value of the connection regularly from the services provided by the internet speed testers. Here they check the performance and they learn with curiosity to improve the performance of the connection when they check the speed for the next time.

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