Concept Smartphone Recognizes LiFi Connection

LiFi internet connections might just be the next big innovation to take the technology world by storm, so we’re likely to hear a lot more about it soon. The ability to transmit information wirelessly via light will change a lot of things- including how we use our smartphones!

Although LiFi is still in developmental stages, that hasn’t stopped industrious designers and developers from coming up with solutions from the eventual change in technology. So far, smartphone users wishing to connect to the internet have to do so either via Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection, but LiFi connectivity will require something a little different.

A recent concept smartphone displayed at Las Vegas’ CES event had one major modification which made it different to every other phone on display during the show: a light sensor. Swapped out for the front-facing camera, the sensor is intended to enable LiFi internet connections on the phone. Since LiFi connections may become popular before we all have time to update our smartphones, other clever designs include LiFi dongles which will retrofit smartphones for the new connectivity source.

With smartphones and mobile devices taking up such a huge share of the connectivity market, manufacturers and developers will need to embrace LiFi and LiFi connectivity hardware if the new internet technology is really ever to take off.

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