Could Fiber Internet Speeds Come from Phones?

Israel-based tech company Sckipio Technologies has announced that it has raised $10 million to fund its research into the creation of microchips capable of delivering super-fast internet speeds over standard telephone lines. If you thought the days of phone-based internet connections were drawing to a close, they may just be ready to prove you wrong.

In the past, funding for these kinds of microchip advancements have been devilishly difficult for developers to acquire, but Sckipio’s announcement means that the wheels are already in motion. The Tel Aviv-based company is responsible for the production of Modem chips, which are capable of delivering 1 GB wired broadband.

According to Sckipio, these chips will be instrumental in delivering near-fiber connection for a fraction of the cost of fiber internet.

Supposedly, internet connections will be easier to install and easier to maintain than other currently available broadband technologies. In fact, Oliver Johnson, CEO of leading broadband market research firm Point Topic, called these microchips the “best hope for telcos to affordably deliver 1 gigabit per second to consumers.”

Sckipio expects to start introducing products to the market in 2014, meaning that faster internet speeds might be just around the corner for all of us, even if Google Fiber is still nowhere near our neighborhood yet.

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