Could Globalstar Introduce Nationwide Wi-Fi?

You may have heard of Globalstar as a leading name in the satellite phone market, but the company has more up its sleeve with plans to provide Wi-Fi connections across the nation.

If Globalstar’s proposal to the FCC goes through, the company could soon set up a huge Wi-Fi service capable of beaming high-speed broadband internet to people across the nation. If the FCC approves the company’s plans to use its 2.4 GHz satellite spectrum to transmit Wi-Fi, you may soon start seeing Globalstar hotspots in public spaces throughout the country.

Globalstar’s Wi-Fi network would be privately run, with customers enjoying exclusive access to their far-reaching internet connection. “This would be a Globalstar managed service, but otherwise it will look and feel just like any other global Wi-Fi network,” said company VP Barbee Ponder. Unlike their satellite phone service, Globastar’s internet service would be very similar in set up to most Wi-Fi networks, using access points to connect laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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