Create Ad Hoc Wireless Network Connection

Wireless-Ad-Hoc-NetworkDo you have two PCs or laptops with Windows Vista loaded into those? Then why not try to set up an ad hoc wireless network between them? It can be a fun exercise, and quite useful, especially if you frequently play games in multiplayer mode and need to exchange files quickly between the two computers. You can also share an internet connection this way too, although this could result in a decrease in speed.

The best thing is that you can set up the connection if you have a wireless connection adapter in each computer. Simply enable the wireless adapters and go about creating the connections. That’s it. No need for routers or other expensive equipment. Here is how you can do it (assuming you have all the required equipment handy):

  1. Click on Start button, and click on Network.
  2. Click on Network and Sharing Center.
  3. In the left sidebar, there is an option named “Set up a Connection or Network”. Click on it. You will be provided with a list of options. Select the option that says “Set Up A Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer-To-Computer) Network”. Click on Next. In the next window, again click on Next.
  4. In the next window, type a name for your ad hoc network. Then, select the security settings. If you are not sure about which security type you should select, then click on the link named “Help Me Choose”. Select a strong password so that your network would remain secured from intruders. Once you are done with the options, click on Next.
  5. Your network connection will now be ready. Access the Network and Sharing Center to select which files or applications you wish to share using your ad hoc wireless network.
  6. In order to share an internet connection, click on View Status, located next to the connection which you wish to share. Click on the Properties button.
  7. Now select the Sharing tab. Check the box where it is written “Allow Other Network Computers To Connect Through This Computer’s Internet Connection”. Under the option “Home Networking Connection”, select the option “Wireless Network Connection”. Click on OK.
  8. Now the connection you just created is prepared to be shared. Click on Start button and select the option Connect To, in order to enable the wireless connection.
  9. You will see the wireless connection in the list of connections in the other PC/ laptop now. Select the connection you just created and click Connect.

So, now you can browse the internet on both computers, or play games with your buddies, all without any specialized hardware of any kind. If you’re concerned about the speed of your internet connection, try out our free internet speed test above!

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