Dish and Sprint Test LTE Broadband Internet in Texas

Sprint has teamed up with satellite television provider Dish to develop a trial service for a wireless network in Corpus Christi, Texas. Following a negative corporate relationship throughout this year, this joint venture seems to be an attempt to bury the proverbial hatchet for both companies.

Earlier this year, Dish attempted to buy Wi-Fi internet provider Sprint, however the partnership failed bitterly following a buyout by Japanese company SoftBank Corp. The partnership is an excellent move for Sprint, who gained a considerable amount of Wi-Fi capacity this year from spectrum holder Clearwire.

The Wi-Fi service being tested by the two partnered companies is expected to become available to Corpus Christi residents midway through 2014. The experimental network is expected to use Sprint’s high-speed connection technology, and may even be installed to include indoor Wi-Fi coverage.

Neither Sprint nor Dish has released many concrete details about their Wi-Fi network and whether its service will be expanded in the future, though the trial may have positive results on the rural connections and networks across the US.

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