Do Americans Pay Too Much for Mobile Data Speed?

How much do you pay to stay connected on the go? New research has shown that mobile data users in the United States pay far higher data fees and experience slower network speeds than data users in foreign countries.

Market researchers at Ookla have revealed new data about the state of LTE mobile internet speeds offered by American service providers. According to Ookla, the average speed of LTE internet connections in America is around 13.2 Mbps, which is less than half the speed of similar connections in countries like the UK, Australia and Canada.

Even more disturbingly, while Americans have to suffer through slow mobile data speeds, it has also been reported that US data prices are far higher than in other countries. For example: while German T-Mobile customers pay only $1.19 per Mbps for their LTE connections, American customers using Verizon’s service had to hand over $4.05 for the same amount of data.

While infrastructure and the sheer size of the United States may certainly play a big part in this disparity, it doesn’t make the difference in costs any easier for American to afford.

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