Facebook Trades Wi-Fi for Check-Ins

Ever hungry for more activity on the world’s biggest social network, Facebook is even helping small businesses to provide Wi-Fi to their customers- provided those customers then log on using Facebook to check-in.

The social media giant has teamed up with Netgear to create a partnership which will bring Wi-Fi to small business around the world. Using Netgear routers, small businesses will be able to create hotspots which will serve their customers, in turn, customers will be able to use the Wi-Fi connection free of charge after they log in through their Facebook accounts.

This move isn’t a first for Facebook, who pioneered the scheme with Cisco Meraki’s Wi-Fi routers in 2013. The expansion to include Netgear in the market of newly-created Wi-Fi networks is probably good proof that Facebook is happy with the way this experiment turned out. The deal is good for everyone involved; Facebook gets extra on-site activity, the businesses get Wi-Fi to draw in customers, and those customers can use the internet for free.

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