Gigabit Internet Bets Big in Las Vegas

Internet users in Sin City can prepare themselves to hit the connection jackpot- gigabit fiber internet service is coming this fall.

CenturyLink have announced that Las Vegas will be the next location in which their gigabit connection service will be offered to consumers. Last May, CenturyLink launched their first super speed internet service in Omaha, Nebraka, which is predicted to reach 48,000 customers by the end of this month. The good news for those of us outside Las Vegas and Omaha is that the telecom company hopes to add even more cities to its gigabit connection service by 2014.

It is not clear yet which parts of Las Vegas will be offered the high-speed internet service, or if theconnection will offer gigabit speed for both uploads and downloads. The pricing system is not available yet, however Omaha residents were able to purchase the service for $79.95 bundled with video and voice services, or for $149.95 as a standalone connection.

The sudden increase in gigabit internet interest was sparked when Google began piloting their high-speed provider, Google Fiber, in Kansas City.

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