Gogo Eyes International Flight Wi-Fi Service

In-Flight Wi-Fi is a fairly common commodity in North America, available on flights with Delta, United, American Airlines, and Virgin America, but now airborne internet providers Gogo are starting to eye foreign market potential.

Internationally, in-flight internet service is a relatively untapped market, both in commercial airlines and for more exclusive business aviation too. Currently, Gogo offer Wi-Fi service on over 6,500 private and charter jets, as well as on 2,000 commercial aircrafts across North America. Whilst their hold on the American market isn’t exactly all-powerful, an overseas expansion definitely seems to be the next item on the agenda.

In October, Gogo signed a deal with Japan Airlines to begin providing in-flight internet service to a fleet of 77 domestic aircrafts, which is expected to be live by the third quarter of 2014. International growth is a crucial step for the company, even if Gogo’s foothold in America and Canada seems to be holding steady. Whilst Gogo offer their internet services, it is still up to the airlines themselves to decide to offer the service or not; a wider potential international market could make all the difference, allowing in-flight Wi-Fi to become more commonplace, and therefore demanded by travelers.

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