Google Fiber’s Internet Revolution Gains Momentum

There were a lot of disparaging remarks made when Google announced that it would be opening up a high-speed Internet service. Existing telecommunications providers and tech analysts alike were quick to dismiss the move as a doomed failure, a publicity stunt, and everything in between. No matter what you thought about the birth of Fiber, Google’s internet service only seems to be picking up speed with every passing month.

Despite only launching lately, recent figures show that Google Fiber could be placed among the nation’s top 10 internet service provides within the next decade. Investment banking firm Evercore Partners has predicted that the service could attract as many as 3 million customers in the next seven to nine years.

Google Fiber started out small, with infrastructure installed in only one city at first. Kansas City residents were the first in the country to enjoy the super-high-speed internet service, but the reports have been overwhelmingly positive from across the board. With this success under its belt, Google Fiber is expanding to Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah within the next couple of years, and has expressed interest in expanding to 34 cities across the country.

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