Google Keeps Fiber’s Residents-Only Policy

Google FiberWhen Google announced its list of future possible Fiber hubs, lucky city residents around the country were excited by the possibility. According to Google’s existing policies, it’s only residents who should be excited by gigabit internet speeds for now- business need not apply.

Fiber’s policy so far has always been to limit their service to residences only, leading to no small amount of frustration from business owners. Although Google has chosen to expand its super-high-speed internet service to a number of other cities around the country, it will not be extending this offer to businesses in the foreseeable future.

Last month, the tech giant announced its interest in creating Fiber networks in a number of cities around the country, but nothing has been set in stone so far. Although Google has extended its interest to the cities, it will be up to the localities themselves to meet the company’s rigorous set of requirements. According to a report, Google issued its potential Fiber cities with a 29-page checklist of essentials, all of which must be responded to by the May 1st deadline.

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