Google’s Superfast Internet not for Businesses

Kansas City enjoys some of the fastest internet speeds in the country thanks to Google Fiber and its 1 Gigabit connection, but whilst residents are welcome into the fold, Google still refuses to grant service to businesses.

As of 2012, Kansas City became the first city in the country to benefit from Google’s impressive internet connection, however only residential connections are currently allowed on the plan. Whilst Google has said from the beginning that there were plans to introduce packages which will allow business to benefit from the gigabit internet connection, there haven’t been any developments in over a year.

Whilst it is possible for persons who work from home to make use of their personal internet connection, Google has already denied service to businesses attempting to slip through the loopholes. Nevertheless, the service is used by solo entrepreneurs running startup businesses out of their own houses, as well as several coffee shops which have tapped into the service for their customers.

In a statement made by a spokesperson, Google confirmed that there were still intentions to introduce a small business product in the future, but that it was not currently the right time for that development. To date, Kansas City businesses have been waiting since July 2012 for a chance to benefit from Fiber’s impressive internet connection speeds.

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