Hackers Use Fake Wi-Fi Networks to Scam Users

Fake-Wi-Fi-NetworksThere is more reason than ever to be wary of using an unsecured public network now that cybercriminals are using duplicate networks to lure in unwary users. If you connect to a public Wi-Fi service, you might be releasing your information to hackers over a copy-cat network.

If you sit down at a public Wi-Fi hotspot to connect, such as in a café or a mall, you may notice that there are two identical networks available to you. Although this might be innocent, it might also be the work of hackers, who have come up with this new way to scam users.

In cases such as these, hackers find a public Wi-Fi network and then create a nearby network of their own with exactly the same name and information. To an unsuspecting user it simply seems that this is a second connection, but in fact one of them is being watched for sensitive information. As soon as users connect to one of these fake networks, they are being watched by hackers for bank details, personal information, billing information and more.

The best way to stay clear of trouble on public Wi-Fi connections is always to exercise caution and assume that the network is unsafe. Do not use any information which might be stolen by hackers, including online banking or opening your email until you know the connection is secure. If you notice one of these double Wi-Fi connections and suspect the worst, make sure to report your discovery to the network owners and confirm which connection is safe for your use.

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