Hotel Recommendations Ranked by Wi-Fi Speed

New website aims at giving recommendations to tech-savvy travelers who absolutely need top-speed Wi-Fi in their hotels.

Let’s say you’re jetting off on a trip to New York, and fast Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity for your stay, for work, entertainment, or any other purpose. All quality hotels offer Wi-Fi these days, whether free or at an extra charge, but how do you know which one has the speed that you really want? Hotel Wi-Fi Test is the solution for this problem, offering recommendations based on speed tests performed by fellow travelers.

Though the service is still in its fledgling stages (having been running for only a month), there are already a number of hotels from around the world ranked on the website. Users wishing to submit their own findings can simply long onto the website from inside their hotel rooms and run a quick speed test, the results of that test can then be uploaded to the site, or shared via Twitter or FourSquare.

Hotel Wi-Fi Test hopes to offer travelers an exact idea of what to expect from their hotels by posting exact speeds, rather than simple reviews such as “good” or “slower than expected”. Be sure to run a test and leave your recommendation the next time you’re in a hotel!

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