How Do I Fix a Slow Computer?

Fix a Slow ComputerIs your 6-month old powerhouse PC showing telltale signs of aging already? Are you often experiencing system slowdown and sluggish response when running several processes at the same time? Do not ignore these signs. These apparently annoying signs may be hiding some more serious problems underneath.

In case you didn’t know, your Processor and RAM are jointly responsible for keeping your PC running smoothly. If either of those gets affected by slowdown, the other is bound to exhibit some of that as well. This is where the Windows® Task Manager comes in handy. This useful system tool can show you how much of your CPU resources are presently getting used up by the processes. However, simply knowing how much of the CPU is getting taxed by the processes is not enough to improve the performance of your PC. You have to know how to free up critical system resources that are not being used but still getting bogged down by unresponsive processes.

Your CPU resources can get wasted by memory hungry applications, especially when those crash. An unresponsive application will still continue to use up system RAM and Processor cycles, slowing down the entire system as a result. There are automated tools available that can warn you in case your CPU usage exceeds a certain danger threshold. These tools are pretty handy to have around. Not only do these monitor the percentage of CPU presently being used by the system, but these also have the power to shut down unresponsive processes automatically, letting you know with a simple message box that tells you the problem has been resolved. You should get your hands on one of these tools in order to ensure that your PC never gets bogged down by useless processes, even if you are too busy to look after that.

Internet access speed is another factor, especially if your internet connection is not that fast. Did you know that when you access the internet, your PC gets exposed to all sorts of Trojans, viruses, and worst of all, hacking attempts from all over the internet? A good antivirus, along with malware and spyware removers can help you to prevent these problems. There are many spyware and malware removers that simply block these threats, without you even having to intervene.

Automated system protection and optimization tools are not always expensive. In fact, there are economically-priced tools out there that can be some of the greatest allies in your crusade of getting the most out of your PC.

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