How is Mobile Data Going to Get Faster?

No matter how fast our mobile internet connection gets, we’re always going to wish it was just that bit faster. Only a few years ago, mobile data might have seemed like an unnecessary extravagance to most of us, but we’re all a little bit addicted to the sheer convenience of having the whole internet available to us on demand.

One of the companies working on delivering internet connectivity to us at all times is Artemis, whose new technology might send us light-years ahead of our current 4G connection speeds. The company’s big project is pCell, a wireless standard that could provide better coverage to people in busy high-traffic areas where connections may be clogged and busy.

The interesting technology behind pCell uses a huge number of small routers called pWaves to combine incoming signals and boost cell signals and mobile data at all times. According to Artemis, this means that you could receive a mobile connection signal that as much as 1,000 times faster than you’re currently used to.

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