How Secure is Your Mobile Device?

Everyone is aware these days that computers can easily become infected with malware and viruses, but not everyone realizes that the same thing can happen to smartphones and other mobile devices. Mobile usage is growing with every passing month, but this market is far from safe, and users should be aware of this.

While mobile devices are still relatively safe compared to traditional PCs, the quickly expanding market means that hackers and other cybercriminals are paying more attention to the opportunities presented. In the past, online transactions largely took place only on PCs, but with the prevalence of mobile internet connections and technology, payments are shifting towards mobile device too. The more common mobile transactions become, the more tempting the mobile market will seem to opportunistic hackers.

Statistics have revealed that up to 15% of all users store sensitive data on a mobile device and 35% of Americans have had a device gets lost or stolen. Worryingly, 64% of those surveyed didn’t use any kind of lock screen of the password, leaving sensitive data on stolen devices at great risk.

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