How to boost your Wi-Fi signal

Boost your Wi-Fi signalThe evolution of the quality of Wi-Fi should mean that internet speeds are faster than they’ve ever been before – the problem comes when your Wi-Fi signal just isn’t good enough. Rather than get frustrated or pay extra when your internet speed seems to move at a snail’s pace, try these tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

Understand Wi-Fi standards: It should be obvious that the signal you get is only as good as the service you sign up for, so double-check your ISP before you go ahead and purchase their services. Along with this, ensure that the equipment you have is ready to take such internet speed. If you upgrade your laptop then make sure you change your router along with it, to keep them at the same level.

Remove obstructions: In theory, the point of Wi-Fi is that it should be accessible anywhere within and around your household – even by your freeloading neighbors (for more about them, see the next point). Try to place your router in the center of the building – if the signal still doesn’t go as far as it needs to, look into a wireless range extender, which retransmits the wireless signal in a different part of the building. Don’t hide your router behind a cupboard or underneath a desk – leaving it out in the open is crucial.

Reduce interferences: Did you know your microwave may have a detrimental effect on your wireless signal? Keeping your router away from appliances helps, but investing in a dual-band router isn’t a bad idea.

Secure your network: Nasty neighbors can slow down your internet speed if they can tap into your Wi-Fi. Make sure you secure your Wi-Fi by protecting it with a strong password.

Reboot your router: Make it a point to regularly reboot your router. You can do this manually, or even have it done automatically if you have the right router for it.

Check your internet speed regularly: Use to keep tabs on your internet speed, as well as create a profile of the way your Wi-Fi works. If all else fails, you can show the results to your ISP to prove that you have a problem with the service they provide.

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