How WiGig is Going to Change Wireless Internet

The latest innovation in Wi-Fi technology makes a lot of promises about the future of wireless internet connections, but what exactly is the new system being referred to as WiGig and what is it going to do for wireless connections?

WiGig is the catchier name for a connection called IEEE 802.11ad, and it offers the possibility of Wi-Fi speeds a colossal 7 times faster than today’s fastest wireless capabilities. The current fastest Wi-Fi system is known as 802.11ac, with a top speed that just about passes 1 Gbps, so what WiGig may be able to offer us is a connection with the potential to transfer information at 7 Gbps.

The disadvantage that comes with WiGig is that the technology has a shorter range than the Wi-Fi which is generally used today. WiGig’s use of the 60GHz spectrum means that the Wi-Fi signal cannot penetrate walls, but it works well in small, focused areas. To combat the lack of range offered by WiGig connections in busy areas, it would be necessary to use multiple access points, but this would also mean that each access point could function individually to prevent network traffic. Even though WiGig is a little less efficient than current wireless internet when it comes to obstacles, the connection would also be able to deliver speeds of 2 Gbps from as much as 100 feet away.

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