Imgur Accidentally Blocked by UK ISP

With the recent global crackdown on file-sharing, news like this comes as less and less of a surprise these days. Last weekend, file-hosting website Imgur disappeared off the web for millions of UK users. After research into the matter was conducted it was discovered that only users of ISP Sky Broadband had lost access to the website. It has transpired that this was a failed effort to block an actual torrent site, which resulted in the ISP blocking a legitimate file-sharing website accidentally.

Censorship has become rampant in the UK, with a large amount of file-sharing websites now blocked by the six leading ISPs (Sky, BT, Virgin and TalkTalk to name a few). Elsewhere, sites like KickassTorrents and Isohunt have faced blocks (the former) and actual shutdown (the latter) owing to copyright organizations, and the notorious Pirate Bay has been forced to jump from one country to another in terms of domain-hosting. This isn’t to say that the websites aren’t fighting back, with a fresh version of Isohunt having popped up weeks after the original was taken down.

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