Improve PC Performance without Hardware Upgrade

Improving a computers performance without upgrading its hardware is very possible and it is neither expensive nor difficult. The reason to why the computers slowdown is due to spyware, viruses, temporary files, conflicts in software’s, residues of uninstalled trial downloads among others. There are steps in which a person can follow to improve the computers performance without one upgrading the hardware. The following steps will increase the computers performance drastically and assist a person in regaining sanity as well as saving one loads of cash. Even if ones computer is old may be three years of age and it is abit expensive to upgrade it, one can be able to use the following steps and the old computer will do some good for its owner at least for a couple more months or even longer.

First, one should be aware of the application or process they are running since this may be what slows down the system due to numerous programs operating at the same time. One can monitor the windows processes; by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL this calls up the task manager that most processes run by. Using an uncontaminated system reduces the risks of spyware and viruses. Always make sure that the antivirus software one is using is up-dated with the latest definitions of viruses. Virus detectors should always be automatic in the computer that one is using so as no viruses can pass through undetected.

Updating the operating system regularly using the latest drivers helps improve the PCs performance. Also, one should check the operating system that the computer is using and try to research a recommended one. Disk clean ups and repairing of the discs is very important. Another method to enhance the PCs performance is by defragmentation. Defragging is a process that is used to locate any folders and consolidating files that are sitting in the hard drives. By managing the temporary files through cleaning the system helps the PC run smoothly and faster. Using the start up management schedule, the system is able to automatically clean itself the next time it starts up. With those few steps, one will be able to boost the computers performance without upgrading it. However, if this does not improve performance to ones satisfaction then one should upgrade it.

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