Inflight Wireless Internet about to get Faster

Wifi access on planes still feels like a novelty to the majority of people, but Americans are already fed up with how slow it still is. Luckily for them internet company Gogo, which is responsible for the majority of Wifi service on planes in the States, is about to speed up its inflight access. Their new technology, called Gogo GTO (Ground to Orbit) will significantly increase the speed of inflight wireless networks from about 10Mbps to 60Mbps. The increased internet speed will stem from improvements to the satellites and the ground-based towers Gogo utilizes for its networks. Current antennae on planes will be replaced by new ones at half the size and twice the efficiency. With these improvements coming in by the end of the year, Americans can look forward to enjoying internet speeds they are used to at less than 35,000 feet on almost all US airlines – Gogo is already available on airlines like Delta, United and US Airways, and Virgin America will be the first to offer the new GTO service.

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