Internet Speed on the Rise around the World

Traffic optimization specialists Akamai have released the latest installment of their State of the Internet report, and the good news is that internet speeds are moving up all over.

The State of the Internet report comes from figures gathered through around 1 billion made to Akami in the previous months, covering topics such as speed, security trends and mobile connectivity. Although it may not sound like much to some readers, the report was finally able to report that half of all internet connections around the world reached a speed of 4 Mbps or higher. This is a 25% increase from the first quarter, which shows an excellent increase around the world.

Currently the world’s average internet speed is an unfortunately low 3.3 Mbps, though it is worth noting that nations leading the way in connectivity have significantly higher averages. Retaining its position at the top of the charts, South Korea clocked in with an average speed of around 13.3 Mbps, though it fell 6.4% from its average speeds over a year ago. The United States currently trails back at 8th place, with the average national internet connection coming in at 8.7 Mbps.

Within the first quarter of 2013 there were still 14 countries whose average connection only reached 1 Mbps or less. The good news here is that this figure has dropped to 11 within the second quarter as 3 countries managed to pick up their connection speeds within a few months.

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