Is Wi-Fi Killing Your Plants?

If you thought it was your lack of a green thumb that was killing your houseplants it turns out that there might be another factor to blame for all the wilting. According to an experiment by high school students in Denmark, your Wi-Fi might be the culprit.

Although it isn’t irrefutable scientific evidence by any stretch of the imagination, the findings of a group of Danish students raise interesting questions about the potentially harmful effects of Wi-Fi signals. The trouble started when the group of 5 ninth-graders noticed that they didn’t sleep well when their Wi-Fi connected smartphones were left on their bedside tables.

To test the negative effects of microwave signals, the students placed trays of garden cress seeds besides Wi-Fi routers and another set of seeds away from any signals. By the time the experiment was over, the seeds exposed to Wi-Fi had remained brown and shriveled whilst the unexposed seeds had flourished.

Whilst a test on garden cress done by teenagers is hardly hard scientific study, the drastic results of this science class experiment might be enough to provoke extra study into the area.

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