Is Wi-Fi the World’s New Addiction? (infographic)

InfographicMake no mistake about it: internet addiction is a real thing and it could potentially affect millions of people around the world. In fact, according to recent studies, it is currently thought that internet addiction is even more commonplace in the United States than alcoholism.

A recent report compiled by Iconic Displays found that 60% of people interviewed couldn’t go without Wi-Fi internet access for more than a day. A further 75% of those interviewed said that a week with not Wi-Fi would make them even grumpier than a week with no coffee. The advent of internet communication has certainly changed the way people live their lives, but is addiction the cost that the population is paying?

Formally, internet addiction is known as Internet Use Disorder (IUD), and it carries many of the hallmarks of textbook addictive behavior. Internet addicts can experience symptoms such as losing track of time, isolation from family and friends, a sense of guilt or defensiveness about their Internet use, and loss of productivity. With Wi-Fi internet access available almost anywhere these days, it’s no wonder that people have become so dependent on this tool.

Check out this infographic for even more information about the prevalence of internet addiction in today’s connected world.

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