Is Your Bandwidth Being Throttled?

Internet throttling test articleUnfortunately for many internet users, service providers have more power over our connections than we may realize. The practice of bandwidth throttling is often used by some service providers to keep users away from certain websites by slowing down their service.

Bandwidth throttling tends to target users on file sharing websites thanks to the high occurrence of online piracy seen on these sites. However, file sharing itself is in no way illegal; many internet users make use of file sharing services to share photos, documents and information legally, but bandwidth throttling effects them regardless.

If your internet service provider is throttling your bandwidth, there is a considerable chance that you will not even realize this is the case. Unfortunately, service providers are not often transparent about this practice and when it is in use, so many users have no idea that this is happening to them. It has also been observed that service providers will sometimes throttle completely innocent sites and services such as Youtube and Netflix for taking up too much bandwidth.

Check your connection with an internet speed test to see whether your service provider may be throttling your bandwidth without your knowledge.

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