Is Your Internet Faster than The National Average?

As the technology gets more and more advanced, many of us find ourselves constantly struggling to keep up with the latest system requirements and necessary hardware. This includes having a fast enough internet connection to be able to browse the web smoothly and view content quickly.

Once upon a time when the internet was a new phenomenon, most of us couldn’t imagine a connection faster than our trusty dial-up modems could offer. The march of technology changed all that and now even our broadband connections might seem slow when we need them the most. According to a survey released earlier this year by Akami, the national average measured connection speed in the US was 8.6 Mbps, a long way below South Korea, who leads the world with a 14.2 Mbps average internet speed.

Test your internet speed and you might find yourself well above that average though, depending on where you leave. Survey results revealed that certain states can boast a much higher internet connection speed than others. Of all the tested connection speeds in the country, Vermont was found to have the fastest average internet connection, with a speed on 12.7 Mbps. Other states that tested in the Top 5 for connection speed were New Hampshire, District of Columbia and Utah. All the Top 5 states had a tested average connection of over 10 Mbps.

How does your internet speed measure up to the average US connection?

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