Is Your Phone Slowing Down Your Internet Connection?

Wireless internet has made the world a more accessible and convenient, and there is certainly a lot to be said for the benefits of retiring with your laptop to a comfortable sofa rather than sitting up in an office chair. However, even though it offers such great conveniences, Wi-Fi is by no means a perfect solution, and is prone to some unexpected flaws.

No matter what type of wireless router you have, all wi-fi connection uses radio waves to function, transmitting information in much the same way that a two-way radio works. Data is translated into a radio signal by the wireless adapter and transmitted via an antenna, this data is then received by the router, which unscrambles the signal and sends information back to the internet via a physical link. Since wi-fi transfers information via radio waves, this information must travel on a certain frequency, and this is where trouble can sometimes arise.

Wi-fi is transmitted at a frequency of 2.4 GHz or 5.8 Ghz, which is generally higher than the frequency used in cell phones and televisions, but which may be the same as cordless phones, microwaves or wireless cameras. If you are using these devices at the same time as your wi-fi, you may find that your internet is slower, this is may be because of the interference on the same frequency. Your connection speed should return to normal when these devices are not in use.

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