Israel Developing World’s Fastest Wi-Fi

A tech company in the small Israeli town of Caesarea is looking into developing the fastest Wi-Fi connections in the world. With only 60 employees, Wilocity seems like an unlikely candidate for global innovation, but the development of what is being described as “the world’s first multi-gigabit wireless chipsets” may just put it on the map.

According the reports, the company’s Wi-Fi chips will be capable of transmitting data at the incredible rate of 7GB per seconds. This means that Wilocity’s products would even be able to dwarf the impressive 1GB internet speeds of fiber optic services such as Google Fiber. Not only would the chips allow for almost instantaneous Wi-Fi data transfers, but it would be far easier to accommodate networks with multiple users, meaning faster internet for schools, offices and large public networks.

Though Wilocity’s products are not yet ready for the market, the tiny company has recently secured $105 million in funding from interested investors. The technology used is based on the new WiGig industry standards, which are expected to become the primary standard in coming years. Wilocity’s investors include manufacturer Qualcomm and networking equipment maker Cisco.

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