Japan Gets Its Biggest Citywide Free Wi-Fi Network

Travelers in the Land of the Rising Sun might have noticed a strange anomaly; although Japan is one of the world leaders in technology and connectivity, free Wi-Fi networks are few and far between. Thankfully, residents of Osaka will now be able to benefit from Japan’s largest citywide Wi-Fi network.

Osaka is Japan’s third-largest city, following only Tokyo and Yokohama in terms of size and population, however like many Japanese municipalities; it has never been easy to gain access to a Wi-Fi network until now. This week, Osaka announced the launch of the Osaka Free Wi-Fi network, which will help locals and tourists alike to stay connected in important locations throughout the city.

This is not the first such network to be adopted in Japan, though Osaka is the most prominent city so far to receive a free Wi-Fi network. Recently, similar networks have been set up for residents and visitors in Fukuoko and Kyota. Osaka’s system will provide 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi per login to anyone with Apple, Android and Windows devices.

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