JetBlue Launching Fly-Fi Satellite Internet

Airline JetBlue is in the final phases of preparation before the launch of their new Fly-Fi in-flight internet connection service, capable of keeping you logged on above 10,000 feet. Launching in the near future, JetBlue will be able to offer free in-flight internet to their customers, as well as a faster premium option.

Although we seem to be well on our way to gate-to-gate internet access, the service will only be available to passengers after the plane has climbed to 10,000 feet- for now at least. When the target altitude is hit, the in-flight internet service will come on, able to provide every seat on the plane with a 12 Mbps connection- enough to stream HD video or download a new app easily. Passengers can also choose to connect themselves to the Fly-Fi Plus premium service, which will provide better service to plug larger devices into for $9 per hour.

Of course, Fly-Fi isn’t a perfect service, but considering you can connect to any basic internet service whilst you’re on board a flight, a few fluctuations are perfectly acceptable. According to reports, the ViaSat-powered connection does have a tendency to get a little patchy in places, however with the network signal travelling over 20,000 miles, this is hardly surprising.

JetBlue has already begun installing its Fly-Fi service on its fleet of A320s, so you might even be lucky enough to get connected on your next internal flight.

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