Manage Your Family’s Wi-Fi with Skydog

Skydog manages family’s Wi-FiWhen you’ve got a young family, it can be important to keep an eye on what your kids have access to through the internet. With more and more portable devices finding their way into homes, Skydog does double duty as both a router and a parental control unit.

Skydog is the product of a partnership between PowerCloud Sytems and Common Sense Media and aims to give parents the ability to monitor internet usage in their household. Common Sense Media is a non-profit organization which works at keeping kids safe whilst they use the internet.

The Skydog router, aside from performing the signal-boosting capacity of a regular router, also enforces parental controls by sending alters whenever something out of the ordinary happens on kids’ internet connection. The service couples with a mobile app, parents will be able to choose which internet sites are acceptable and which ones should be blocked from the family Wi-Fi network.

Using Skydog, parents can even limit the time kids get to play games or use social networking sites, and can ever turn off Wi-Fi connections once it’s bedtime. Using separate firewalls, Skydog can even apply different standards to different devices, so mom and dad get to play all the games they want on school nights.

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