Many Consumers Drop Complaints Against ISPs

A new survey in the United Kingdom has revealed that a considerable amount of consumers may abandon or ignore the complaints they have against their internet service providers, leading millions of potential disputes going unanswered.

The survey from Ombudsman Service claims that as many as 40 million complaints went unaddressed in all sectors of the market, with 14% of these complaints relating to internet and broadband connection services. Of all the claims made in the UK during the last year, the Consumer Action Monitor report also found that only 6% actually ended up being addressed in a small claims court at all.

The good news for British internet users is that consumers felt they were 32% more likely to complain about poor service received from internet service providers than in previous years. Even if this is the case, though, many people choose not to make their voices heard when faced with poor service, calling the process of complaining “potentially tiresome” and taking up “time and effort”.

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