Most Cars to have Internet Connection by 2025

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), we can expect around 65% of all cars on the road to have an internet connection by the year 2025.

The purpose of having an internet connection enabled inside a moving vehicle has nothing to do with entertainment, but will be aimed at promoting road safety and guiding autonomous cars as they navigate routes on their own. IEEE spokesman Jeffrey Miller said connected cars would be capable of downloading data packages from the internet, and drivers would be able to treat their vehicle like any of their other devices.

Currently, several companies are working on technology which will automate cars which are expected to be on the market within the next few years. Internet connections will allow automated cars to communicate between each other, transferring data regarding speed and location as they travel along roads. With features such as these made possible, connected cars are expected to dramatically reduce road accidents caused by human error.

Whilst this incredible claim sounds very helpful on most counts, connecting to the internet would also make cars vulnerable to hacking and malware just like every other internet-enabled device.

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