Netflix Wants More for Internet Consumers

NetflixVideo streaming service Netflix doesn’t want to back down in the fight against poor internet connections, speaking out to say that “consumers deserve better” from telecoms companies. CEO Reed Hastings accused internet service providers of sacrificing the interest of their own customers in order to press online services into paying.

On Thursday, Hastings made his voice heard against big internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon, accusing the companies of compromising their connections and internet freedom, as well as giving customers an inferior experience. Netflix’s fight with huge internet companies stems from a dispute over whether the streaming service should contribute towards the cost of delivering its super data-heavy online content to consumers.

The ‘Net Neutrality’ battle has been raging for a number of months, with companies like Netflix sitting right at its center. The issue was thrust into the spotlight earlier this year when it was revealed that consumers’ streaming speeds were being slowed down by a number of large internet service providers.

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