Netherlands has Fastest Broadband According to Netflix

Although video site Netflix has only become available in the Netherlands over the last few months, the company has crowned the small European country as reigning king of streaming speeds.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Dutch have the fastest internet connections in the world, but according to Netflix they are definitely faster than the US. The gap between the Netherlands and many other countries on Netflix’s client list isn’t that small either, so it seems like the rest of us have got some serious catching up to do.

To be fair, Netflix’s broadband survey size is very small- nothing like the global internet surveys carried out by giants like Ookla or Akamai. Only nine countries from Europe and North America are currently eligible to receive the video streaming service, so the Netherland’s top scores does not put them above actual internet speed giants like South Korea or Hong Kong. Of the 9 countries surveyed, the US comes in at a paltry 7th place with streaming speeds generally around 2 Mbps or slower.

The gulf between the US and reigning broadband champs the Netherlands isn’t really huge, which the little European country’s streaming speeds topping 3 Mbps. That’s not a huge difference, but it’s enough that Dutch Netflix users may have less time to wait whilst they binge-watch their favorite series on the weekend.

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