Network of Mini-Satellites Could Provide Global Wi-Fi Coverage

Although most places in the developed world host enough Wi-Fi networks and mobile data coverage to keep technophiles happy, there are still plenty of places where internet access is next to impossible. The “Outernet” project is one potential solution which may help to bring internet connectivity to the entire world within the next few years.

Based around a network of tiny satellites orbiting the Earth, the Outernet will begin testing with a satellite launch in the early months of 2015. Although the New York-based project is starting small, that lonely little satellite may soon be joined by a wide network of linked devices, all beaming down Wi-Fi signals to the most hard-to-reach places on Earth.

The satellites only have a tiny 10x10x10cm cube shape, but are capable of transmitting a long-range Wi-Fi signal. With internet connections being theoretically accessible all across the world, people living in heavily censored and controlled countries such as North Korea could have free access to information for the first time in years.

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