New Android App Turns Wireless Internet On and Off Automatically

The majority of smartphone users take leaving their phone’s WiFi on all the time for granted – even when not in a WiFi zone. The problem is that WiFi is one of the biggest causes of battery drainage, so leaving the feature activated constantly only contributes to a dead phone – and a lot of frustration – when you’re out and about.

Android users can now reap the benefits of WiFi Auto-Off, a lightweight app that provides three features that can be enabled or disable individually through its preferences. You can:

  • Automatically turn WiFi on after unlocking the device
  • Automatically turn WiFi off when the screen is off for at least 10 minutes
  • Automatically turn WiFi off when the device is not connected to any network for at least a minute

The time intervals for both turn off options can be modified according to your preferences.

The app runs silently in the background. WiFi will be activated when you unlock the device, and it will turn on again when those criteria are met.

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