New Gadget Turns Wi-Fi into Battery Life

Being stuck without a phone charger may soon be a problem of the past thanks to a group of engineering students who have invented a device that can turn Wi-Fi signals into electrical current.

Thanks to the two students from the Duke Pratt School of Engineering, you may soon be able to charge your phone, laptop and other small mobile devices using power from the invisible energy waves that are all around us. Whilst the precise science behind this incredible invention is a little bit complicated to explain, suffice it to say that this device could change the future of mobile connectivity forever. Being able to charge mobile devices via Wi-Fi connections would certainly be one less problem for modern technology users.

Currently, the charger has been able to use Wi-Fi signals to pull 7 volts of electricity from the air, which is enough to power a small mobile device. Even though this may seem like only a small amount of power, increasing the amount of electricity tapped can also be achieved by making the device larger.

Since the electricity collected would essentially be wasted otherwise, using the Wi-Fi charger could increase energy efficiency drastically; making this invention great news for both the environment and our bank accounts.

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