New Renault Cars to Have High Speed Internet Connections

French car manufacturer Renault has teamed up with telecom company Orange to build high-speed internet connections into its future range of cars.

Tests are already underway on the Renault Zoe, the company’s first electronic vehicle, which appeared on the market late last year. The aim behind Renault’s team-up is to test how super-speed internet can aid and facilitate real-life situations which occur to drivers every day, testing the effects of mobile connectivity on everything from video conferencing to cloud gaming.

Renault isn’t the only major car manufacturer looking into the possibility of connected cars either; in fact, Audi has already launched 4G internet connections in its range of A3 model cars as of November 2013. With Audi expected to connect the rest of its cars to the internet within the coming months and Renault working on a fleet of connection-ready cars, 4G may be the next step for our vehicles. Cars with super-fast 4G/LTE connections will be able to load travel information from Google Maps, check live traffic updates and stream music directly from internet sites, as well as locating nearby amenities and fuel stations.

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