North Carolina Activates 3,100 Mile Fiber Network

Thanks to a local company, North Carolina has just established itself as the country’s first “gigabit state”, boasting a huge fiber optic network spanning across the entire region.
RST Fiber, based in Cleveland County, is responsible for the development and activation of the new 3,100 mile underground fiber optic network which reached across North Carolina. This incredible piece of internet infrastructure officially puts RST on the map as the first privately-owned company in America to provide a 100-gigabit network.

Aside from offering blisteringly fast symmetrical internet speeds to homes and businesses in North Carolina’s metropolitan areas, RST Fiber will also be able to offer connections to rural communities around the state. In the past, it has been notoriously difficult for rural residents to receive powerful internet speeds, with residents usually resorting to low-speed options such as satellite connections.

The gigabit network will offer super-fast broadband connections, paving the way for upcoming technologies such as 4K television broadcasting, smart grid connectivity, and online education.

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