Optimize your Connection With a Well-Placed Router

You may think that simply subscribing to a high-speed internet is enough to ensure great internet connection, but there are external factors which could be blocking your signal too. Router placement inside a home is very important for a strong internet connection, so make sure you don’t just install your wi-fi router without thinking about it.

Your wi-fi signal can easily be diminished by a router which is not well placed within your home, and this can slow your internet connection down as a whole. Important factors to remember when placing your router are distance, obstructions and interference.

Distance is of key importance because wi-fi signals can only be sent so far by one router operating on its own. Users who are connected to wi-fi that is too far away will only enjoy 10% -50% of the connection speed enjoyed by users who are placed close to the router. If your house is too big for one router to cover, you may want to consider investing in a device such as a wi-fi repeater, which will carry your router’s signal further and allow you to enjoy better connection speeds throughout the house.

Obstructions may also be a problem for users with large houses, with plaster or brick walls posing a problem to wi-fi connectivity. Try to place your router within the line of sight of the area you intend to use it most frequently; it is pointless to install a wi-fi router in your attic if you intend to connect to the wi-fi downstairs.

It is also possible for wi-fi signals to be disrupted either by reflective surfaces or appliances that run on the same frequency. Routers place right next to mirrors or windows may have a lessened network range, whilst other household devices may also disrupt your wi-fi signal. Install your router far from reflective surfaces, microwaves and baby monitors.

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