Over 300,000 Wi-Fi Routers Hijacked by Hackers

Another attack by hackers has put more than 300,000 routers at risk, compromising Wi-Fi security for home and small-office networks by making malicious changes to the affected devices.

Researchers have only recently uncovered new malware responsible for affecting changes in thousands of routers made by popular manufacturers such as TP-Link, Micronet, Tenda and more. According to security researchers from Team Cymru, the hackers responsible for this attack are commandeering devices and using them to make changes to domain name system (DNS) servers. These servers act as translators whenever you type a domain name into your browser, turning that into an IP address in order to access the correct Web server.

According the report, the attacks have affected routers around the world, reported in countries such as Italy, India, Colombia, and Vietnam. The hijacked routers can be used to redirect traffic to malicious websites for anyone who is connected to an affected network. These malicious websites may be aimed at anything from stealing personal information to installing even more dangerous malware on your system.

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