Overclocking Phenom II Guide

The performance of a computer system can be improved by overclocking the processor. Novice as well as expert computer users can perform processor overclocking comfortably at no additional cost. Phenom II is one of AMD most outstanding products mainly because it utilizes the 45 nm DSL SOI manufacturing process. With the new Phenom II, users can reduce the amount of idle power and increase clock speeds to very high levels. According to AMD, clocking the processor through internal testing coupled together with cooling methods is able to make the processor reach high speeds of 7GHz. Other users who tested the clocking speeds were able to get speeds of 6.7GHz.

Using stock fan unit, the Phenom II can also be overclocked to speeds of up to 3.8 GHz. AMD introduced in processors an L3 cache that is shared among the processor cores. The voltage regulatory circuitry has been modified. Therefore, when overclocking Phenom II, there are certain factors that users need to know. To understand the functioning of overclocked Socket AM2, users should know that the systems use various frequencies that are independent. One of the frequencies is the processor frequency, which is the main parameter that affects the performance of the system. Other frequencies include DDR2 memory frequency, HyperTransport bus frequency and North Bridge frequency.

Computer users can be able to overclock the Phenom II by changing its multipliers. In addition, it can also be clocked when the clock generator frequency is increased above 200 MHz. The frequency of the clock generator can be altered in the BIOS mainboard setup. Increasing the frequency of the clock generator will not only improve the processor’s clock speed, but also increase the HyperTransport bus and memory bus frequencies. For a successful clocking experience, the main system component’s voltage should be increased. Increasing the frequency of the clock generator is the most vital part of overclocking.

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